April 11 – 14, 2017

“Difficult or Just Different”

Hosted by: Port of San Francisco, CA

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Mike Loy, False Creek harbour Authority, BC – Term Expiration 2017

Vice President

Tami Allen, City of Bainbridge Island, WA – Term Expiration 2017


Robin Leraas, Port of Grays Harbor, WA – Term Expiration 2017

Board of Directors

Immediate Past President

Lon White, Port of Kodiak, AK – Term Expiration 2017

Position #1 Aaron Glidden, City of Homer, AK – Term Expiration 2019
Position #2 Chuck Hackett, Port & Harbors of Sitka, AK – Term Expiration 2017
Position #3 Phyllis Titus, Campbell River Harbour Authority, BC – Term Expiration 2017
Position #4 Leslie Taylor, Harbour Authority Association of BC – Term Expiration 2018
Position #5 Giuseppe Alvarado, Port of Seattle, WA – Term Expiration 2019
Position #6 Scott Wilkins, City of Des Moines, WA – Term Expiration 2018
Position #7 Paul Stallard, Salmon Harbor Marina, OR – Term Expiration 2019
Position #8 Janice Burk, Port of Astoria, OR – Term Expiration 2017
Position #9 Suzie Howser, Humboldt Bay Harbor District, CA – Term Expiration 2018
Position #10 Anita Yao, Port of San Francisco, CA – Term Expiration 2017

New Members
Infrastructure Engineers, Inc.

Structural & Civil Engineering and inspection firm. Specializing in above and underwater inspection and engineering of waterfront facilities.

Contact: Heath Pope

Port Edward Harbour Authority

Port Edward Harbour Authority manages three sites in Prince Rupert (Rushbrook, Fairview and Cowbay) and one in Port Edward (Porpoise Harbour). Both commercial and non-commercial vessels moor at our facilities. We offer net storage, locker storage, seine lane rental and shower and laundry services.

Contact: Keri Weick

Note: For contact information, please refer to, Membership directory.


The Pacific Coast Congress of Harbormasters and Port Managers is an organization of commercial and recreational marina professionals promoting the development and growth of our industry and membership through communication, education and professional certification.

TUESDAY, April 11

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Board of Directors Meeting
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Welcome Reception and Conference Check-in

8:00 am Conference Check-in
8:30 am Call to Order: Mike Loy, President, False Creek Harbour Authority, BC
Business Report
Introduction of PCC Board Members
Announcement of Board of Directors election

8:50 am Host Port Welcome and Introductions: Anita Yao, Port of San Francisco, CA
9:10 am Training and Education Committee Report: Eric Olsson, T&E Committee Chair
9:20 am Barbara Schwantes Report: Cheryl Maynard, PCC Executive Secretary
9:35 am Introduction of Sustaining Members, Tami Allen, City of Bainbridge Island, WA

10:10 am Networking Opportunity – Meet up with your colleagues to discuss marina issues, share stories and find solutions to your problems. Also an opportunity to get to know your PCC Sustaining Members (vendors) whose support helps make these conferences possible and who offer a wealth of information on products and services to enhance marina productivity and address your operational and maintenance concerns.

10:25 am Call of the Ports – Introduce yourself and your guests. Give your affiliation and the PCC committee(s) on which you serve. Tell us about yourself…what attracted you to a career as a marina professional? Highlight the issues that you consider are some of your biggest challenges, accomplishments and successes. This is an opportunity to let the PCC membership know you better and understand what makes your marina unique.

Facilitators: Mike Turkington, False Creek Harbour Authority
Eric Olsson, T&E Committee Chair

12:00 pm LUNCH – “Lunch with a Friend” Time to meet a new PCC member.

1:00 pm Call of the Ports (continued)

2:30pm Networking Opportunity – Great time to seek out some of your fellow PCC members who piqued your interest during Call of the Ports and to grab a sustaining member who might just have a solution to a pressing problem.

2:50 pm Session 1: U.S. Coast Guard…A representative of the Coast Guard will present an update of its continuing duties in maintaining the safety and environmental and economic vitality of our ports and harbors.

Presenter: U.S. Coast Guard (invited)

3:10 pm Session2: Let’s Talk Cranes…Everybody wants a crane…but do you need one? Dockside or small mobile cranes can make life easier and promote efficiency in handling heavy loads. Before you leaf through the crane catalogue or embark on a frantic web search, you should consider all of the costs involved in installing a crane at your facility. A few questions to ask: What type and size crane is needed (now and in the future)? Where will it be located to best serve moorage tenants and marina staff? Who will operate it? What type of training and personnel certifications are required to operate it? How often must it undergo a safety or SWL certification…how much will that cost? What are the maintenance requirements? Are there liability issues? Maybe I really don’t want a crane….

Presenter: Vendor-Round Table Discussion

Facilitators: Scott Wilkins, City of Des Moines Marina, WA

Mike Turkington, False Creek Harbour Authority, BC

4:00 pm Networking Opportunity – a quick break and a chance to talk to PCC colleagues and our staunch and supportive vendor corps.

4:15 pm Session 3: Dealing with Change…Whew, can’t argue that 2016 didn’t come to a dramatic end with some truly game changing events. But, that’s not what this session will focus on. Sure, for many, recent political events have possible life-altering consequences but how much of this fervor is media driven and the lure of the next broadcast keeps you fixated on your TV or smartphone. Maybe it time to just “turn it off” and reflect on and embrace what you have and truly grasp the relevance of these events to your daily lives. Change takes many forms…well beyond what many feel is a monumental political upheaval…which honestly pale when compared to the loss of a loved one, a divorce or even the sudden disruption of becoming unemployed or unable to support a family. And don’t forget there is also good change as new life enters your family or you do get that job or promotion. So, recognize that change is the norm and prepare yourself for it. Change doesn’t always have to be sudden and dramatic, and while often more subtle, it can nonetheless become unbearably stressful: a new boss or co-worker who is disruptive, a new work assignment, etc. This session will cover some of the steps to help you better understand why change can be so painful (and joyous) and present ways to better cope with the change-induced angst and stresses that seem to be so difficult to shed.

Presenter: Jean Crossman-Miranda, Miranda Solutions, Inc. Oakland, CA

Facilitators: Anita Yao, Port of San Francisco, CA

Eric Olsson, T&E Committee Chair

5:00 pm Exhibitor Reception and Member Get Together: Grab this opportunity!! Our gracious Sustaining Members welcome you to join them for entertainment, snacks and refreshments. This is a chance to discuss issues and problems confronting your marina and perhaps walk away with an innovative and cost-efficient solution. This is also an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of our dedicated “vendor corps” for their support.

THURSDAY, April 13

8:30 am Meeting Updates and Announcements
Meet the candidates

9:15 am Session 4: Getting it Done! Why did it happen and how was it fixed? This is the story of how Crescent City Marina was devastated by multiple tsunamis (1946, 2006 and 2011) and bounced back to become one of the few tsunami-resistant marinas in the U.S.

Five years ago a wave generated by Japan’s monstrous Tohoku earthquake destroyed Crescent City’s fishing harbor. “It was devastating,” recalls Richard Young, Harbormaster, “not only for the harbor but for the entire community…” Three years and $50 million later, it’s fair to say we’re all the way back at this point. The harbor has been rebuilt with new slips and gangways, and…it’s the first tsunami-resistant marina that we know of anywhere on the West Coast.” Designed by Oakland-based Ben C. Gerwick Inc., the fishing port has added nearly 100 more pilings, double the size of the old ones, and driven 30 feet into bedrock under the harbor. But the key new feature is a 400-foot tsunami attenuator dock, designed to withstand a tsunami of the intensity typically seen only twice in a century. Ellen Johnck played a critical role in assisting in getting it done…through skilled leadership and a unique understanding of the permitting process, not only did she ensure that Crescent City Marina returned, it came back capable of defiantly withstanding natures worst. Ellen is a leader in the development of strategies featuring public-private sector collaborations to achieve the objectives of the maritime industry and shoreline business for economic growth and environmental stewardship.

Presenters: Ellen Johnck, Ellen Johnck Consulting

Charlie Helms, Harbormaster, Crescent City Marina, CA
Patrick Bailey, Crescent City Harbor Commissioner, CA

Facilitator: Anita Yao, Port of San Francisco, CA

10:00 am Session 5: Difficult or Different…OK, we all have our biases…except me of course. Why are some clients or co-workers so frustrating to work with? Or more importantly, why would anyone think of YOU as a difficult person. Every day we engage with other people, whether they be moorage tenants, co-workers, county commissioners, agency representatives or just friends, and not everyone is in concert with your values and the way you view the world (much less your neighborhood). Don’t they understand? Well, it may be time to re-evaluate the way we measure the validity of these conflicting positions and perceptions and to better understand that just because someone disagrees doesn’t mean they are being difficult… maybe it’s time to stop refereeing every call and recognize that differing views shouldn’t necessarily promote discord… it’s OK to be different… George Meyers is an expert facilitator and presenter with over 20 years of organizational development experience. George brings knowledge, energy and a keen sense of humor to his work. His affable delivery style creates a safe and enjoyable learning environment that allows him to appropriately challenge people as they develop their skills. George has a broad understanding of the challenges facing leaders and teams. His passion for effective leadership and teamwork has helped organizations reach higher levels of performance.

Discover how understanding and honoring differences is the foundation for building trust, respect and a commitment to common goals. See how using individual strengths and tapping into the knowledge and skills of others yields positive results for everyone.


Identify your behavior styles as well as those with whom you work
Learn why “intent” does not always equal your “impact”
Learn how flexing your behavior builds trust and respect
Complete an assessment to determine your behavior style
Presenter: George Meyers, Effectiveness Institute
Facilitator: Giuseppe Alvarado, Port of Seattle, WA

12:00pm LUNCH – Table Topics – Time to eat and continue discussions on important topics.
Board of Directors Election Results

1:00 pm Assemble for Host Tour Activities: Please meet outside of the main lobby at the hotel.

5:00 pm Training & Education Committee Meeting (hotel lobby)

6:00 pm Social Hour

7:00 pm Banquet
Award Presentations
Introduction of new officers and board members

FRIDAY, April 14
7:30 am Breakfast Buffet
8:30 am Reconvene Business Meeting
8:45 am Session 6: Do We Care About Boating?

Sounds like a pretty dumb question…of course we do! But, what are you actually doing to promote boating and ensuring that your customer base doesn’t just lose interest and dwindle? Things change…as fishing stocks become depleted and you see your constant stream of daily boat launches turn to a mere trickle or worsening weather patterns or adverse environmental conditions cause boaters to purse other recreational options. Other factors such as economic downturns or demographic changes can also turn once avid boaters away. What to do? To keep your marina thriving you need to keep boating alive and actively support “grow boating” campaigns and become a visible promoter of boating activities. This session will show how others have responded to present boating as a unique and enjoyable family activity and highlight strategies that help to ensure safe and clean boating and to maintain the enthusiasm of current boaters and also to attract new boaters.

Presenter: Susan Shingledecker, BoatUS Foundation, Annapolis, MD
Facilitators: Paul Stallard, Salmon Harbor Marina, OR
Eric Olsson, T&E Committee Chair

9:40 am: Closing Remarks, Conference adjourned