Made a Difference Award (MAD)

Made a Difference Award (MAD)

A PCC Award for an outstanding idea, system or device

This PCC Award will recognize an individual or organization that has implemented an idea, system or device that has significantly changed the way things are done. Award nominations can be made by or for anyone in the membership. The Training and Education Committee will oversee the award selection process, which will evaluate the merits of the person or organization nominated to receive the award.

PCC Award Presentation

A certificate and award will be presented to the person or a representative of an organization selected for this recognition. Typically the certificate and award will be jointly presented by the T&E Award Committee Chair and an Officer of the PCC Board of Directors during the conference banquet.

Noted in the Membership Directory:

Just as with office holders or committee members, receivers of MAD Awards will have the award noted by their names in the PCC Membership Directory.

Developed by the Training and Education Committee and accepted by the Board of Directors for implementation January 1998.

Made a Difference (MAD) Nomination Form

Made A Difference (MAD) Award Recipients